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What People Say

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“In 2015, my 85-year-old mother became ill and had to receive daily nursing care at the assisted living facility that she was living in. While she was never diagnosed with overt dementia, she nonetheless presented an extremely challenging persona to work with. She was intensely combative with facility staff. I knew I needed help that was not only kind, caring, loving, and supportive but also tough as nails!

My mom had burned through several caretakers, even causing one to move out of geriatrics and into floor nursing. Mom’s hobby had become transferring her misery to others. This was getting out of hand until Myrna Gordon-Radway came to rescue my mother and I. Myrna transferred to my mother her skill, time, care, and judgment. She never let mom’s hostility overwhelm her.

Myrna could listen to my mother’s berating and turn her back to progress on her condition and not become the effect of what she was hearing. Myrna was the very best at her job that I had ever seen.

Myrna and her team took the time and effort that was needed and wanted to make my mother as comfortable and happy as she could be. She made sure that my mother’s daily needs were met; she kept her comfortable and made sure that she wanted for nothing. She called me in rarely if at all and handled any and all problems without having to interrupt me in my dental practice.

I have seen and worked with many people over my professional career and I would not at all hesitate to say that Myrna was among the finest, most caring people I have ever met despite all reason that she should give up and no longer care for someone who was so hard to look after.

I would always recommend anyone to hire Myrna for whatever job she wanted to do. She has the brains, skills, work ethic, and just plain caring that would make her beyond an asset to any organization. She would be a gem to employ or work with. I cannot say enough good things about her. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about her. I would probably glow even brighter than this letter about Myrna.”

- Jonathan E. Silvermann DDS, MAGD, Master of the Academy of General Dentistry

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