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Our Mission

At Comfort First Homecare in Randallstown, Maryland, we strive to provide excellent home care services that everyone can access. We are focusing on delivering reliable, patient-centered care and service while assessing patients’ needs, thus providing them the optimum care through the help of our experienced caregivers.

Our Vision

To become a first-class healthcare organization empowered to historically provide optimum care to our community.

Meet the Owner

Myrna Gordon-Radway

After working as a certified nursing assistant, Myrna Gordon-Radway realized that everyone has a need to be cared for but also needs to be comforted. She found herself developing a close relationship with her clients as they found comfort in her care.

Myrna then established Comfort First LLC in 2010, where she and her team can provide care and comfort as the no. 1 priority. Due to her continuous compassion and care for people, she was able to form a professional team, consisting of registered nurses and certified caregivers. Together, Myrna and her team of professionals deliver optimum services to individuals with complex home care needs.

An Extensive Background in Care

  • Has more than 15 years of experience in the Homecare industry
  • Began her career working as a companion before branching out to become a certified medical technician and certified nursing assistant
  • Has a certificate in Assisted Living Management
  • Has several years of experience working in various areas of home care
  • Has an exceptional academic background
  • Master of Science in Management, specializing in Human Resources
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